Our Story

Our name says it all!
Although, Hilsha is the National fish of Bangladesh but doesn’t just stop there, taste of this majestic fish formed deep connection with heart of Bangla population. Fried Hilsa pieces with rice and crisp green chillies are traditional elements of Pohela Boishakh festivities. Bangalis have been debating Hilsa for decades, demonstrating how emotionally attached we are to our cuisine, particularly Hilsa. Hilsa reminds people of the sound of constant rain, which is the ideal setting for eating hot ilish right out of the pan. Even the rain is aptly named “ilshe-guri”. Going out to PROJECT HILSHA with friends & family is a rite of passage for all Bangladeshi Food fanatics.

Fame of hilsa fish already crossed the borders many years back and spaced a magical love in India, now its time to let rest of the world know and share the taste of our Heritage with International Standard.
Our location of Project Hilsha plays a significance in history of Hilsha fish. We are situated on Mawa, Shimulia Ghat ferry Road, just a couple minutes from River PADMA. it is the river Padma in which this enigmatic fish grows in full flavour and grasps the title “KING OF The Fish”.

Project Hilsha is a tribute to Bangladesh Nation, a manifest of showing Appreciation, Love, Respect, Flavour, Culture, Heritage and many more. Project Hilsha aim’s to save this Endangered Species through awareness & by ensuring safe sourcing.

Project Hilsha showcasing Bangali cuisine with International Standard.